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The offer of the Center includes:
  • Measurement systems of ship physical fields: magnetic, hydrodynamic, electric, hydroacoustic, thermal field
  • System of automatic current regulation  in marine demagnetization windings to minimize the induced magnetic field
  • System of generating current pulses in the demagnetization windings wound on the ferromagnetic hull of the ship
  • System of automatic control of the magnetic field demagnetization process
  • Magnetometric system for the detection and tracking of underwater objects from air platforms
  • Ship dynamic demagnetization system (the system is awaiting implementation)
  • Hydroacoustic active systems (sonars, echosounders, docking systems)
  • Hydroacoustic passive systems (tow-antenna sonar and gradient antenna)
  • Hydroacoustic measuring devices (sound velocity meters, sound propagation routes)
  • Low-power analog systems (amplifiers, filters, generators, mixers, control systems, etc.)
  • High-power systems (impulse power amplifiers, power supplies) as well as digital and microprocessor systems
  • Real-time computer systems
  • Imaging, recording and transmission of digital signals
  • Ultrasonic transducers and hydroacoustic antennas
  • Maritime unmanned mobile systems for civil and military applications, including two autonomous vehicles
  • Cathodic protection systems